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Straight Talk

(strāt / tôk) (n.) – The act of delivering direct, succinct and clear communications, free from hedging, sugarcoating and double talk. Synonyms frankness, candor, honesty,...

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Fearless Fortitude

(ˈfir ləs / ˈfōr tə tüd) (n.) – An instinctive and innate desire to achieve victory that escalates intensely when confronted with seemingly insurmountable...

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Future Focus

(ˈfyoō CHər / ˈfō kəs) (n.) – A predisposition to see all issues and matters in the larger context of their ultimate consequences and opportunities. Synonyms foresight,...

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Industry Immersion

(ˈin dəs trē / iˈ mər ZHən) (n.) – The state of being deeply engaged or involved in a specific commercial, industrial or professional operation resulting in complete...

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Relentless Integrity

(ri ˈlent ləs / in ˈte gri tē) (n.) – A conscious commitment to do right by our clients, colleagues and the community. Synonyms honor, responsibility, accountability, reliability...

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Skill Harmony

(skil / ˈhär mə nē) (n.) – A state of intellectual and technical collaboration among legal partners that requires a continuous commitment to share skills, ideas and resources....

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Muscle Memory

(ˈmə səl / ˈmem rē) (n.) – Experiential repetition. The active consolidation of specific tasks into efficient productive work cycles and models that require less dedicated time...

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Active Empathy

(ˈak tiv / ˈem pə thē) (n.) – The accurate and sensitive understanding of a client’s needs, pressures and priorities which ultimately guides decisions, behaviors and...

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Street Smarts

(strēt /smärts) (n.) – The practical, real-world application of legal knowledge necessary to resolve disputes, navigate challenges and handle unfamiliar situations. Synonyms...

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Empowered Talent

(im-ˈpau̇(-ə)rˈed / ˈta-lənt) A person(s) with natural aptitudes who flourishes exponentially when inspired and emboldened. Synonyms fortified forte, invigorated know-how,...

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Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney brings true partnership to our clients. We understand the service and partnership attributes our clients most value and have formalized a model for consistently achieving them.

The firm has more than 530 attorneys and government relations professionals practicing throughout the United States, with offices in 19 cities in California, Colorado, Delaware, Florida, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Washington, D.C.

Partnership is Paramount

To help identify and evaluate the traits of a true partnership, we have prepared a first-of-its-kind guide for in-house counsel: 10 Best Kept Secrets of Valued Legal Partners.

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Pledge for True Partnership

Learn how we’ve doubled down on our commitment to foster an enduring partnership with our clients. We call this client-centric commitment Know Greater Partnership.

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Experience True Partnership

While others talk about it, Buchanan is defining it.

We are continually looking for bright, qualified people with diverse skill sets to join our team.

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