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Pledge for True Partnership

Pledge for True Partnership

A Win is How A Client Defines It

Partnership has many layers, but starts with listening to the client’s goals—even how they define success. A win to one client may be to stay out of court. To another, it may mean a “bet the company” courtroom fight to declare victory over adverse parties. Either way, Buchanan lawyers partner alongside clients and focus on achieving a win, however their clients define it. They listen and then provide sound strategic counsel to ensure the approach that is recommended is in their clients’ best interests.

“For us, winning is a mindset. To do all we can possibly do for our clients. By keeping our finger on the pulse of our clients’ industries and foreseeing problems before a crisis arises. To protect their interests. To support their growth. To minimize their pain. It’s an instinctive calling to overcome barriers and amplify opportunities,” said Rhea Law, Chair of Buchanan’s eight Florida offices.

Partnership Standards

In the 2014 merger with the venerable Fowler White Boggs law firm, Buchanan lawyers joined their new partners in an unwavering pledge to serve clients better than ever. “We recognize clearly that clients have many choices for their legal counsel. We also know the manner by which clients are treated and regarded are two highly notable reasons they often switch counsel,” offered Rhea Law. “So we have undertaken a firm-wide initiative declaring client service as one of our top priorities and have formalized a model to consistently achieve these standards.”

Industry Immersion

Trade conferences. Corporate reports. Business coalitions and advisory boards. Total industry immersion. To fully grasp the scope of their clients’ corporate interests, Buchanan lawyers steep themselves in their clients’ businesses. They become students of the industry; understand how their client is positioned within that industry; and how relevant laws, regulations and other influences can be applied for the client’s benefit.

Buchanan lawyers develop in-depth insights into clients’ business needs which prove central to the overall well-being of their corporate interests. “We often times act as a sounding board for clients seeking strategic counsel on precisely how to get and stay a step ahead of their industries’ trends, to rise above their competition, and generate greater profits. We bring our ‘A’ game to strategy sessions where our lawyers deliver thought leadership to support a culture of true attorney-client partnership,” stated Rhea Law.

Active Empathy

Moving beyond understanding a client’s business, Active Empathy is one of the most profound partnership attributes. This character trait relies on both compatibility and sensitivity to guide client-centric decision-making. It enables deep insights that are only gained by spending time to get an in-depth, “insider” perspective on a client’s priorities, opportunities and pressures.

Skill Harmony

When the two firms first merged, Buchanan proactively surveyed clients to learn their greatest needs and how the firm might best support their business interests. What was learned from the clients’ perspective is that greater access to additional resources and expanded geographic reach ranked paramount. The merger answered these needs providing additional breadth and depth of service areas.

“We can create laser-focused, multi-disciplinary client teams from across the firm’s 19 U.S. locations,” said Rhea Law. “That’s what Skill Harmony is all about—giving our clients seamless and robust solutions for their legal, business and government relations needs.”

At Day’s End

At the end of the day, if you ask any in-house counsel what makes a good lawyer, they’ll use words like experience, reputation and knowledge. Buchanan’s partnership approach strives to go beyond that. It’s about a deep connection, a commitment, and a trust factor that is paramount. Because in today’s world, partnership is not a legal luxury, it’s a necessity.